Custom Packaging & Private Label

Our state of the art packaging operations offer multiple
possibilities in form and fill packaging.

Your name and logo are the most important statement on the package.

Work with our production personnel to develop packaging specifically
designed for your business.

Your business was built on your company name. Your store brand communicates
to customers confidence and commitment to quality and value.

South cove foods takes pride in the relationships we build with our
customers. We look forward to working with you to develop and maintain a
unique and successful program designed to meet the unique needs of your
customers. We can help you to choose and/or create the best suitable plastic
or other packaging for your Nuts, Candy, Chocolate and Dry Fruits products.
From a standard plastic container to a unique custom-made added-value
packaging, South Cove Foods has the capacities and expertise to cooperate
with you in realising your selling goals. Packaging defines your product’s
image. It forms an incentive for consumers to buy the product. Furthermore,
a packaging needs to protect the food; from filling line to the dinner
table. The colorfull appearance of candy can be highlighted by a perfectly
clear transparent packaging with a full-color label. We offer a full
service: from product design to production. Service, quality and innovation
are core values of South Cove Foods. Our goal is to unburden our customers
and help them become successful in their field of business.

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